This school year may have ended a little oddly, but it’s important to stay positive and look forward to the next semester. If you’re looking to attract more prospective students, posting engaging 内容 on 社交媒体 channels is a crucial 太l for accomplishing this. 作为一个 教育营销 机构,我们的 社交媒体专家 know which 内容 will get you the most engagement on 社交媒体, so you can gain new students. 不管你是 学前教育, 小学, 高中, or 大学,我们的 experts have the knowledge you need to ace your 社交媒体 内容, so read on to learn more! 

Make Sure Visuals Are an A+ 

人们继续 社交媒体 and scroll for what feels like eons, so in order to get them to stop scrolling, 暂停发帖, and actually read the caption, you need high-quality visuals. 然而, this can include a variety of “real” pictures/videos (which we’ll explain in more detail later) and custom graphics. Let’s discuss the latter first. Custom graphics are great for school 更新, schedule changes, and event announcements. 然而, high-quality graphics (AKA the ones that will “stop the scroll”) should be equipped with the following: 

  • 一个专业的外观
  • 合适的字体
  • 有凝聚力的颜色
  • Your school’s logo and/or mascot
  • Correct sizing for each 社交媒体 channel 

“Real” pictures/videos refer to anything that isn’t from a stock website, and when it comes to 教育营销, stock photos and videos should 从来没有 被使用. 而不是, utilize pictures and videos of your school’s past and present students and faculty members, from events (sporting events, graduation ceremonies, 筹款活动, 舞蹈, 等.). High-quality visuals will:

  • Make your 社交媒体 feed look better
  • Give an inside look to your school’s environment 
  • Drive more engagement
  • Appeal to more prospective students

Enrich Ideas With the Assistance of School Faculty Members 

When you want to engage with more prospective students, relying on people who have different interactions with your school’s students is a great way to ensure that your 内容 是新鲜的! So whether you’re failing to come up with quality 内容 or you want to bring in new perspectives, consider reaching out to the following people for ideas:

  • 老师
  • 政府
  • Public Relations staff
  • Career Services staff
  • Students (just be sure to get parents’ permission) 
  • 学生的家长 
  • 学校的志愿者 

Because all of these people have different relationships with your school, this is one of the best 教育营销 strategies because they’ll bring new, interesting ideas to the table. 


Be Sure Authentic Stories Are the Core of Your Content 

When prospective students and parents go on a school’s 社交媒体 page, they’re main goal is to see how life at this particular school will be — educationally, 在道德上, 和社会. 因为这个, you need to make sure your 社交媒体 feed isn’t getting overwhelmed with announcements, 更新, and schedule changes. 而不是 make sure your 内容 mainly focuses on real stories and experiences, which should include videos/captions about the following: 

  • 体育赛事
  • 筹款活动
  • 俱乐部活动 
  • 老师’ teaching styles 
  • 校园生活 
  • 学校的价值观 
  • 学校精神 


Set Benchmarks and Examine Data Frequently 

Just like students get tested to see how well they’re doing and what areas they need to work on, it’s important to test your 社交媒体 内容, 太! Examining this information will help you see which 内容 is getting you the best results and which one’s aren’t, so you can adjust accordingly and discover the best 教育营销 strategies 在你的学校. If you want to make life easier, you may want to consider utilizing our 社交媒体 management services! We’ll provide you with data that is easy to read and understand — and analyze it for you — so you can clearly see the results of your 社交媒体 efforts. 

Still having trouble figuring out how to ace your 社交媒体 内容? Not to worry, that’s what the beMarketing team is here for! 作为一个 教育营销 机构, we go above and beyond to understand the voice, 消息传递, 愿景, and goals of each one of our 社交媒体 clients, so we can deliver them the best results. To get started with our 社交媒体专家, 太阳集团导航 今天!