Given the current state of the world, we understand that everyone is feeling defeated, 但是作为一个企业主, you have an advantage in your arsenal that can lift everyone’s spirit (including your own), 这些都是激励计划. As Maya Angelou once said: “People will never forget how you made them feel”, 在这种时候, consumers want to feel that the brands they consume have their best interest in mind — incentive programs are a great way to do this. 的 营销专家 at beMarketing have been busy bees, and they’ve put their combined years of experience 在一起 to figure out the best incentives programs small and medium-sized businesses need to deploy now. 

Referral Programs Can Be Lethal…In a Great Way 

No matter what is going on in the world, referral programs are a great strategy to increase a customer base — right now, 他们是至关重要的. Referral programs give customers an incentive to tell other people about their experience with your 公司 and persuade others to utilize your services/products. 这些激励措施包括: 

  • 礼品卡
  • 他们下次购买的钱 
  • A bonus service/product with their next purchase

Once a current customer refers a new person to your business, they’ve received a benefit and you’ve received a new customer, 使这一策略成为双赢. 

Implement Discounts to Get the Edge Over Competitors 

We 知道 that all businesses are trying to survive right now, so in order to make YOURS stand out, 你需要给人们提供折扣. 的 amount of the discount doesn’t matter — it just matters that you establish 至少有一个 为现在的产品/服务. Once you’ve made this decision, it’s time to utilize every opportunity for promotion, 如: 

  • 引人注目的网站弹出窗口
  • 战略营销邮件
  • 针对性的社交媒体帖子
  • 及时的eddm或邮件发送

Not only will this leave a positive impression with people now, but they’ll remember it long after this is all over. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Push the Button on Promotions

类似的折扣, promotions are vital for making your business stand out from others during this pandemic, 它们有同样的效果. 然而,战术是不同的. 例如, the promotions you need to focus on will let customers 知道 that everything you’re doing is catered to them, 如: 

  • 酒店企业: Create different packages (IE family packs, DIY pizza kits, 等.) for customers at a “special” price
  • 零售业务: Include a complimentary item with a purchase (IE a puzzle, 旅行的洗手液, 旅行次氯酸钠擦拭, 等.) 
  • 家服务业务:提供“买一个”, get one” promotion (IE purchase a roof replacement, get a free gutter installation; buy 10 windows, 免费获得4, 等.)

Giving Out Gift Cards Will Help Secure Customer Loyalty 

Who doesn’t love the incentive of earning a gift card?! This is true anytime, but right now, consumers 真的 欣赏它. 的re are a few different angles you can work this incentive, but no matter what angle you choose, you’re sure to increase engagement, 加强客户保留, 吸引新客户. You can offer a gift card to someone that: 

  • Schedules a future service with your 家服务 公司 
  • Orders a large takeout order at your 餐厅 
  • Makes a large purchase from your online 零售 商店 
  • Donates a large sum of money to your 非营利性的 

Giving your customers a gift card in response to them spending money at your business is one of the best ways to thank them for their business, and they’ll be sure to remember this in the future. If you choose to do this as an incentive, be sure to promote it on social media and ask people to tag others who may be interested in this program — this will help increase engagement and prove to new audiences that you are a 公司 who truly puts its customers first. 

Waive Shipping Fees to Shield Your Business From the Competition 

为了保证安全, people are relying on shipping services more than ever before, 正因为如此, offering free shipping could attract more customers to your business. If your business can’t afford to offer free shipping on ALL orders, that’s okay. People will still be more willing to follow through on a purchase if they 知道 they’re a few dollars away from (and can add something else they 知道 they’ll use) from getting that free shipping perk. +, 如果你和大多数人一样, you’ve probably filled your basket with one or two more items to meet that free shipping minimum, 最后, 对你的生意来说意味着更多的销售. 

在beMarketing, we 知道 that businesses of all sizes are feeling the impacts of this pandemic, but it’s important to remember two things: incentive programs are YOUR hidden advantage right now, 我们在这里支持你! Our Hive is buzzing more than ever with ideas that will help businesses navigate this time, 所以更多的技巧, 技巧, and tactics will be flying your way, and we hope you continue to Thrive With the Hive. If you would like more marketing tips on how to keep your business thriving, 请不要犹豫 太阳集团导航 今天.