Warren Buffet once said that “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it.”

In our current era filled with user-focused online directories like Yelp, 谷歌的评论, 脸谱网, 和更多的, everyday people can now alter the legitimacy, 公众形象, and even revenue of any business in a matter of seconds. Responding to reviews online is really the only way to combat negative perceptions AND amplify great customer experiences. 

At 太阳集团导航, our online reputation management services equip your business with the proper tools to increase your brand awareness, but also dramatically change the public perception of your business on Google and other popular search engines. Take a look below at how to best navigate these murky waters of online reputation! 

How to Respond to Positive Reviews:

Getting a positive review on Google is nothing to look past. Positive reviews can greatly assist organic 搜索引擎优化活动, build a strong customer-business relationship, and increase your chances of repeat business! So, when you do receive a great review, be sure to respond promptly, personalize the message, and express your gratitude immediately. A great template for this concept could be as followed: “John, thank you for leaving a great review! We’re thrilled that you had a positive experience with us!” 

The process of responding to positive feedback is not rocket science, yet showing this extra effort and appreciation for your customers can work to humanize your business and showcase your dedication to customer service. 

How to Respond to 负面评论

Responding to reviews that are positive, though time-consuming, is relatively easy. 弄清楚 how to respond to negative reviews is far more difficult. Below, we’ve compiled three critical check-points for reviews that are not so pleasant! 


Your business is your prized possession, you’ve made a leap of faith to start something on your own, and your employees feel like family. 在这方面, it can be difficult to separate your emotions from best business practices when responding to negative reviews. Take time to assess each unique review and develop a measured reply before further conflict and tarnitioning of reputation occurs. 


Have a written template in place for responding to poor reviews. 这种方式, when emotions do arise, you can revert back to appropriate responses that are more 专业. This tip is not suggesting that you simply copy and paste the same generic response for every negative review, 而, you should address each unique complaint or grievance with a response that fully acknowledges the person’s qualms. 


No matter how talented, 专业, 亲切, and organized your organization is, negative reviews will inevitably surface online. Whether you feel these comments are fair or not, providing a public response for both negative and positive reviews shows to potential and existing customers that your company truly cares about feedback, 意见, and welcomes criticism. Take the time publicly to try and learn more about the details of the incident, and even ask them to discuss their experience privately! 

增加 Online Reputation with 太阳集团导航! 

现实情况是, most businesses don’t really have the time to sit back and reply to every review that comes their way. 类似的, most business owners or employees aren’t trained in brand marketing and reputation management, and also have an emotional attachment to their business. That’s where we come in! 太阳集团导航’s team of digital experts understand the in’s and out’s of 谷歌的评论, and analyze reviews from an outside perspective to avoid emotional responses that could potentially damage your business. 与我们太阳集团导航 today to get more positive feedback and strengthen your customer relationships!